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Tea is known to have many health benefits.  Drinking tea can help with bad breath, stop tooth decay, burn stored body fat, regulate blood sugar levels, prevent cancer and decrease inflammation. The Centre also understands tea drinking is an activity that encourages social interaction and inclusion. Tea drinking is a tradition in many regions in Asia.  Tea drinking has a long history in China.  Similar to coffee shops in North America, tea shops provided a meeting place for people to congregate together.  These congregations help people to bond with each other.  They also help in generating a feeling of inclusion amount different groups.  Seniors in Asia countries often find themselves spending hours in tea shops talking with friends and strangers.  Tea shops provide a place for social inclusion and interaction.   The Centre understand that social inclusion and interaction are known to be beneficial to seniors, therefore, she has organized “relax with Tea Art” in providing an interaction opportunity for low-income seniors.  The Centre worked on continuation in developing these initiatives to become mature to self-sustaining support groups of seniors

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