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Introduction to The York Region Senior Wellness Centre

A group of York Region resident and long-time volunteers saw the increasing number of ethno-specific seniors in the community and the challenges they have to face to develop and maintain an active, healthy, independent and enriched lifestyle. In early 2010, this group of volunteers decided they have to take action to fill the local groups, a not-for profit organization – the York Region Wellness Centre was incorporated in November 2010.  Even without any pay staff and funding, the centre has formed partnership with other organization to deliver services to the seniors in Southern York Region.  Aside from sustaining the current level of service, the centre is working diligently to solicit recourses for program and organization development.

Our mandate is to ensure the wellbeing of the seniors in York Region, Ontario will be taken care of and to enhance, harmony among all members of the community.  We dedicated to enhance seniors’ social life quality, to avoid their loneliness and self-isolation, to build a harmonious environment of living and to motivate them participating in community life actively.  We will achieve the mandate by providing quality social, recreational, educational and mentoring programs to the community.


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